About us
from the kitchen

The idea

Before we created JemyJemy for you, we conducted a lot of talks and research. We analysed recipes for delicious dishes very carefully. The Polish ones and those that you like the most from cuisines around the world. Each of our decisions to produce a ready-made dish was supported by in-depth taste research. All this to see a smile of satisfaction when you eat JemyJemy!



We know that you are multitasking every day and you often don't have time to cook a meal. You want to use ready-made meals, and at the same time you want them to be healthy, nutritious and taste like home-made. Inspired by the growing need to reach for good quality products, in our kitchen we use simple ingredients and flavors known and liked in Polish homes.



When selecting the ingredients, we are supported by a team working in the spice archive, in which, for almost 30 years of work, we have collected over 200 samples of various raw materials. The quality of new deliveries is checked every day to ensure that each ingredient meets the high quality standards we have developed over the years. Only when they pass the test are they added to products and dishes.



When we make sure that we have the recipe ready, the production process begins. There are rules that are constant and consistently followed by everyone. Quality, hygiene and food safety are important. We apply the IFS, BRC and ISO quality standards. We also have an implemented HACCP system.
Each stage of production is under the supervision of our team, which constantly controls the entire process and makes sure that it follows the appropriate procedures.
We also check the airtightness of the packaging and the grammage on our own. We dose some of the ingredients by hand - so that each package contains the right amount of additives, such as rice, pasta or pieces of cheese.



Concepts for a new dish are born during a team conversation. We have plenty of them because we participate in many inspiring culinary events and workshops. We come back with a head full of ideas. Additionally, we often bring inspiration from our own homes, where we also cook and look for new flavors. The next step is to prepare the recipe and test it in our company kitchen. Each of us tries, evaluates and suggests changes influencing the final recipe.


Our kitchen

The heart of our company is real home cooking. Here, every day - for over 20 years - we focus on improving the current recipes and creating new ones. At the same time, we take care to satisfy various preferences and tastes. We do it with passion and full commitment, just like we would invite you to dinner. The JemyJemy meal is a pleasure!


We eat!

The result of this long and precise preparation process are delicious, ready-to-serve JemyJemy dishes. Their journey ends when you heat them up, pour them into your favorite plate and smile as they taste delicious!

Where can you buy

You can buy JemyJemy soups in the most popular Polish grocery store chains and in your local store!

  • Kaufland
  • Auchan
  • Carrefour
  • E.Leclerc
  • Intermarche
  • Dino
  • Makro
  • Selgros
  • Netto
  • Aldi

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